Most importantly, our goal is to preserve capital in poor markets, and increase account values with low risk in favorable markets


Our primary primary focus is to find intrinsic value in investments across all asset classes, and buy at reasonable prices.

We are a top-down investment manager focused on absolute returns.  We specifically concentrate on forecasting how global macroeconomic and political events affect the valuations of financial instruments.  Our investment process begins with a broad overview of economic trends followed by country, industry, and specific company metrics.  In addition, we utilize a proprietary indicator known as Conscious Trend Analysis (CTA) to determine market sentiment.

We invest in a broad spectrum of asset classes, including stocks and bonds (foreign and domestic), commodities (including gold), currencies, and money funds.  We also take positions that move inversely to the selected stock, bond, or commodity market when we think a more conservative posture is appropriate.  We believe our attention to intermarket analysis is what contributes to our superior performance.


Individuals with less appetite for risk may want to consider our strategy as a core position for their assets.  Our portfolio offers broad diversification across asset classes and a balanced participation model.

Institutional portfolios may want to consider our portfolio as part of a broder alternative investment plan.  We are currently constituents of the HFRI Macro Thematic Indice and also provide performance updates to the PSN Network, Money Manager Review, and the Altura Capital Emerging Manager Database.

The Macro Absolute Return portfolio is managed jointly by Robert M. Regan and Robert M. Regan Jr.