Investment Objective and Characteristics

The primary investment objective is to provide growth of capital.  The strategy incorporates long only positions in stocks and will utilize several investment strategies in an effort  to outperform the major US indices.

The portfolio is invested in primarily US based stocks but does allow for a portion of its assets to be invested in foreign stocks.  It also allows for multi-cap exposure within both foreign and domestic selections.

The portfolio will utilize both fundamental and technical strategies focusing on both short-term and intermediate–term investment horizons.  In addition, both top-down and bottom-up strategies will be employed.

The portfolio is divided into segments managed by individual managers who decide how their respective segments will be invested. 


Individuals with a higher tolerance for risk may want to consider our FEP strategy as a core equity position for their assets.  This portfolio will be roughly 95% invested in stocks at all times.

Used in conjuction with our MAR strategy, these portfolios may give investors a portfolio that can perform in both bull and bear markets.