Many investment professionals manage money on auto pilot.  They clone their benchmark index (i.e., S&P 500), and hope that they can make minor adjustments here and there to outperform.  Asset allocation is limited to merely stocks, bonds, and cash. 

Diversification by market capital weightings, style boxes, and industry sector still do not provide the proper protection for an investor because they merely diversify the equity portion of a portfolio.
We are not this type of investment manager! 

We believe the key to superior returns lies in asset allocation.  In fact, studies indicate that more than 90% of the variation in total returns can be attributed to the asset allocation decision.  We are top-down investors and begin our investment focus on the macro economic and geo-political environments.  Our investment philosophy is closely aligned with what is called Intermarket Analysis.  Intermarket analysis suggests that all markets are closely related and it would be incomplete to analyze the stock market for instance, without full consideration of the trends in the currency, fixed income, real estate, and commodity markets as well.
We have a go anywhere mentality that does not pigeon hole us into one type of asset class and allows us to take advantage of values in any market.  We believe that an investor should have some exposure to each major asset class with overweighting in those that have attractive values.  Our goal is to position your investments to take advantage of these various asset classes when they are undervalued and keep you minimally exposed when they are overvalued.  It is our belief that if we are successful, we can capture a large percentage of the absolute gain without exposing you to unnecessary risk 
Our personal investment portfolios are the same as our clients.  This aligns our interests with our client's and allows us to have skin in the game.  Ultimately, the proof is in the performance.  If you are interested in obtaining our performance numbers, please provide your name and email address in the form here: